Li Ming, Rendering the Mind, 2017, video still


IT WAS WHEN we found ourselves tone-deaf and with two left feet that we fell in love with noise. Since his performance at The WALL in June 2011, “Blackwolf Nagashi” has made converts of music fans of all stripes in Taipei. With the release of his debut album Blackwolf Nagashi in Bedroom in May 2012,…

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In Taiwan, noise is a surplus of culture. It began with a generation of well-to-do youth, and ended with that same generation. The discussion of the history of noise in Taiwan likely dates back to sometime around 1994, to the experimentation, rebellion, political collision, media-ization, intimate gatherings, and festivals with which that period was saturated….

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In China, the development of sound art stretches back 15 years (from another perspective, we could perhaps adjust this figure to 12 years; see below). This, in spite of the fact that sound art still occupies a misunderstood and marginalized position (in this respect, media art isn’t much different). However, there are already enough people,…

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What is sound? From within the frameworks of visual and conceptual art, how can one successfully portray and comprehend sound? We should begin, of course, by listening. For this issue of LEAP we have commissioned Lou Nanli to create Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (Ziming Scroll) Spectrogram, which invokes the dichotomies of “visual-audio” and “seeing-listening”…

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LEAP 47 | Spring/Summer 2018