Encounters: Community


Modern Media X Culture Chanel special forum

On January 18, LEAP magazine hosted “Encounters: Community” at the Guangdong Art Museum, part the exhibition “Culture Chanel.” The forum, chaired by LEAP executive publisher Ms. Cao Dan and featuring artists Wang Jian-wei, Cao Fei, and Artforum online editor Yang Beichen, opened with a discussion on Picasso’s Le Train bleu intertwined with a debate on Chinese contemporary art discourse. Community encounters can be understood as actions that stem directly from events, achieving the subjective by transcending the individual through which temporal concepts behind the root events are created. Wang Jianwei discussed his concept of “encounters” and “community” in his 11-year project “Yellow Signal”; Cao Fei elucidated her own encounters “finding commonality among ordinary people within metaphysics”; and Yang Beichen called for a rediscovery of and return to the idea of “community.” Merging artists and scholars with the audience, this lecture attempted to create an encounter of temporal experience.