He Xiangning Art Museum Presents: “Local Futures: The Culture China Young Overseas Chinese Invitational Exhibition” this September

The all-new large-scale exhibition project “Local Futures: The Culture China Young Overseas Chinese Invitational Exhibition,” held at the He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen, is organized with the support of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. As opposed to the student or youth exhibitions fashionable today, this invitational exhibition shines light on the practices of young overseas Chinese artists from across the globe, strengthening the relationship between these creators and their compeers at home. The object of theme of “local futures” is rooted in the practices and experiences of Chinese artists in foreign lands, and attempts to demonstrate the new concepts and results that arise from the marriage of “local” culture and traditional mother culture. On the platform offered to them by He Xiangning Art Museum, these outstanding young overseas artists return to show their work to audiences back on the Mainland. Potential artworks for “Local Futures” were recommended by experts, while a dedicated jury was formed to complete the selection process. Jurors included Chen Danqing, Fei Dawei, Feng Boyi, Philip Tinari, Wang Huangsheng, Xie Suzhen, Xu Bing, Zhao Li. For the final presentation, curators Le Zhengwei and Feng Boyi worked with 20 young artists from a pool of over 60 artists residing in more than 10 different foreign countries. On September 14, the selection committee announced the Most Outstanding Artwork Award, the New Vision Award, and the New Spirit Award. The award ceremony was held in conjunction with the exhibition’s opening ceremony on September 15 at He Xiangning Art Museum.