Our April issue looks at the art education system in China, in all its ever-changing complexity. Beginning with a comprehensive “family tree” of art academy evolution, our largest cover featurer to date then moves into a reminiscence on the academy of the 1980s by critic Fei Dawei, before dropping suddenly into the reality of today’s entrance exam cram schools. Interviews with eight leading artist-educators, a dossier of new campus buildings, a look at Li Xianting’s experimental film school in Songzhuang, and a manifesto by Qiu Zhijie round out the package. Other features look at forgotten legend Li Yuan-chia, the obsolete nineteenth-century technique Luo Dan uses to photograph remote regions, the animation ambitions of Sun Xun, and the fate of Rirkrit Tiravanija’s “The Land.” Two visual packages– a fashion shoot conceived by artist Huang Ran and a photographic portfolio of American military bases throughout Asia by Greg Girard, round out the mix. Our usual assortment of interviews and short essays occupies the top section, while fifteen recent exhibition reviews fill out the bottom.