LEAP’s summer issue inaugurates a new tradition. In the mold of last year’s subcultural encyclopedia, “The Ends of Cultu....

From left to right: Oscar Murillo, Wu Tsang, Xie Lantian, Robin Peckham, and Stephanie Bailey


LEAP x Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 Roundup

Despite the torrential rains that stuttered throughout the week, the fourth edition of Art Basel Hon....

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Tromarama: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing and Why I Keep Doing It
June 23, 2016

My first encounter with Tromarama was through the video Ting* in 2008. I was captivated by their stop-motion animation o....

Symptoms of the Muse
June 27, 2016

The question of the muse is, first and foremost, one of etymology. Our wispy shadows still draw us into the deep and bli....

Cheryl Donegan: Scenes and Commercials
June 27, 2016

It often feels like the 1990s are an undigested pellet in the gut of artistic culture. Presented with the aesthetics of ....


Despite the torrential rains that stuttered throughout the week, the fou....


The LA Art Book Fair, a spinoff of the New York Art Book Fair founded an....

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LEAP Forum is an initiative of Modern Art, Modern Media Group’s art plat....

2015-05-05 14.58.39

On the afternoon of April 26, LEAP celebrated the release of its April i....



Amy Yao: Bay of Smokes

A foam machine gushes a massive cloud of soap lather from a black oil barrel in the courtyard. Plastic flowers stick out from a miniature blue Hanjin shipping container in the foyer. A bucket of murky peanut oil, collected from a trendy loc....



Sascha Braunig : The Hollow Body

To encounter the paintings of Sascha Braunig is to be confronted with an unsettling, hypnotic world. She creates portraits of figures dissolving within their own borders, moving in and out of corporeality and bending the laws of reality. In....



Transvestite Transliteration: The case of Uyghur versus Atatürk

All across Xinjiang, the logograms of the Chinese language sit smugly below the teeth of the Uyghur Arabic script, each pictograph a comfortable caramel morsel in the mouth of the molar abjad. If there is a home for the Turkic languages, a ....

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Time as Provocation: on “Wang Bing: Three Portraits”

For the increasingly urbanized Chinese population, web and mobile apps like Taobao expedite various social and monetary transactions, whether to schedule wakeup calls from fictitious boyfriends and girlfriends or seek a graphic designer for....

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Goldin + Senneby: Headless

Headless is a multimedia, long-term project by Goldin+Senneby (Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby) initiated in 2007. It has been realized through a number of contracted collaborators, including a private investigator, filmmakers, a mystery nov....



Zhang Guangyu: Republican Renaissance Man

Recent reappraisals of the Republican era have been a long time coming. From the inclusion of the New Woodcut movement in the Shanghai Biennale to the rediscovery of artists like Wu Dayu, academics and collectors alike have unearthed the le....

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