The second issue of LEAP looked at the question of artistic production in a nation known as the world’s factory floor. A group of features examined different scenarios of production, including the porcelain kilns of Jingdezhen, a high-tech sculpture factory situated in a village on the outskirts of Beijing, and the studio of artist Zhan Wang, which has given way to a parallel business fabricating public art for clients around the world. The issue also included a guide to the art projects included in the Shanghai World Expo, an interview with leading 1980s critic Peng De published in collaboration with the Asia Art Archive, and a portfolio of project proposals submitted by leading artists to the Beijing Youth Daily on the theme of “construction” in 1994. The top section includes a look at Wang Jinsong and Song Yonghong’s groundbreaking two-man exhibition of 1990 and another at Tommy and Dee Dee, a 1953 children’s book about the differences between an American and a Chinese boy. In the bottom section, find reviews of 14 shows including CAFA’s “Sixty Years of Drawing” and Xie Zhiliu at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.